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Copyright. All media, including but not limited to photos, video and marketing plans, provided to the client for real estate or rental marketing/sales are protected by copyright and owned by JD Lux Media LLC. The client, being the realtor/agent/customer, is granted a license to use these media solely for the purpose of advertising and marketing the property during its current sale or rental listing, limited to the time when the photographs/video were taken. This license cannot be transferred to any other individual or entity.

Unauthorized usage or possession of the media by a third party is strictly prohibited unless explicit written approval is obtained from JD Lux Media LLC. Unauthorized use may result in additional fees or fines if done without permission. This restriction applies to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers, as well as any other parties not explicitly mentioned.

Photos and videos are not to be edited by anyone other than JD Lux Media LLC. For any uses or publications beyond the scope stated herein, a separate request for additional release must be made by contacting JD Lux Media LLC. In cases where another agent takes over an expired or withdrawn listing and wishes to use the images, they must directly contact JD Lux Media LLC and pay for the appropriate licensing.

By downloading media including photos/video/marketing plans provided by JD Lux Media, clients signify acceptance and agreement to the stated terms and conditions.

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